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3 novembre 2015

« x+y », le Festival du Film Britannique vu par les 2Pro

X+Y afficheOn the 29th of September 2015, we went to watch a film called “X + Y” by Morgan Matthews.

It is a film which is based on mathematics. It’s a film where a boy is shy, autistic and has family problems with his mother.

Nathan is a boy who has been a genius at maths since he was little.

I like this film because it teaches you the way of life and also explains you how someone can feel really alone. It shows the perseverance to never give up on someone you care about.

Finally, I will conclude on the fact that it was a great film, to learn to get smarter and it gives us a good example.

Joshua Creighton-Villalonga 2PRO4



I am going to present you the film entitled “X + Y” by Morgan Matthews.

The film is about Nathan, a boy with autistic problems.

He lost his father in a car accident when he was a kid.

He is very clever at maths and he takes part in the International Mathematics Olympiads with the British team.

There he meets a girl who is named Zhang Mei. She’s Chinese, pretty and very intelligent. She takes part in the Olympiads too with the Chinese team.

She falls in love with Nathan. But she disobeys her uncle, the Chinese math teacher, after a quarrel, and she gives up the Olympiads.

Then Nathan gives up the Olympiads too, just at the beginning, and runs away to be with Zhang Mei.

I enjoyed this film because it was interesting but I disliked it because it wasn’t humorous and the main theme is maths.


                   Julian Guené, 2PRO3

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