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7 octobre 2015

Les 2Pro1 au Festival du Film Britannique 2015

Dans le cadre du Festival des Scolaires, la classe de 2Pro1 a assisté à la projection du film « ’71 » de Yann Demange.


Quelques réactions en V.O. suite à cette projection :

« The film ‘71 is very interesting and very moving. », Clément Foucré.

“We enjoyed the movie because it’s an action film and a war film. The story is heart-warming when the hero is with his brother but it also can become very dark at some moments. This movie really shows the real state of life through the war in Ireland.”Mélinda Douard et Astrid Hélard.

“I thought that ‘71 was a great movie and it had me on the edge of my seat until the last second! In my opinion, Jack O’Connell was amazing and he really contributed to the realism of the movie. Though I found some scenes were slightly exaggerated I thought that the director, Yann Demange, showed a great message.”Elliot Merveilleux.

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