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13 octobre 2015

Les 1TS au Festival du Film Britannique 2015

The School Trip of our class to watch the movie ‘71

24th September 2015

affiche71Our class went to the Art and Festival Centre to watch a film. This trip was organised before the beginning of the British Film Festival in Dinard and the whole school attended this film show. ‘71 is based on a true story which takes place in Belfast during the eponym year. A young British soldier played by Jack O’Connell is sent to Belfast because the tensions are rising between Protestants and Catholics. During an intervention, he gets separated from his unit. The IRA hunts him down in the city while he tries his best to survive a very complicated conflict. A very good production and casting led to a breathtaking movie. Most of us enjoyed it though the film was very hard to understand with all the different things that led to this conflict. Overall, we were able to discover an amazing movie that helped us understand the events in Northern Ireland through a very realistic making.

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